Creating an Email Account via the WP Octane Command Center

Creating an Email Account via the WP Octane Command Center

You are allowed up to ten emails for your site hosted by WP Octane, although you can have unlimited email forwarders. Additionally, WP Octane supports POP3 only. IMAP is not an option.

Open your web browser & navigate to the WP Octane Command Center Login page.

On the My Sites page, double-click the site you wish to create an email for.

Select Hosting from the top menu. Select Emails on the far-right of the submenu.

Select Email Accounts at the next submenu.

Click the Add email account button.

Enter the desired email address under Email (user domain name will self-populate) and your desired Password. Click Add.

Please be patient while your account is created. Don’t be alarmed if there’s a red X under DNS status next to the newly created email address. It can take 24-28 hours for your DNS to propagate. Your ability to send and receive emails won’t be affected.

For those unfamiliar, has an excellent article to help better understand the basics of domains, domain registrars, name servers, and DNS.

Continue adding email accounts, if you wish (up to ten), or log out of the WPOctane Command Center.